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What Parents say about our school

Read some of the comments that parents have made about our school in a recent parent survey...


  •  ‘We love the school overall. The teachers’ attitude is fantastic.’


  • ‘School is focused and has improved significantly from the time my eldest attended over 10 years ago.’


  • ‘School embraces diversity.’


  • ‘I think the way of teaching really shines out as I have seen some major changes/improvements in my daughter.’


  • ‘Communication is excellent. Regular letters and text messaging keeps us informed about what’s happening in school.’


  • ‘Family Challenges keep the children engaged in the school holidays.’


  • ‘My children are pushed to do their best. What else can we ask for? The kids love it and are happy and enjoy school.’


  • ‘Early morning reading – excellent support to help boost the children who are under average.’


  • ‘The teachers are committed to the children’s education. They are very helpful and I am sure offer an excellent environment for learning.’


  • ‘There is a real buzz as soon as you enter the school. Everyone is enthusiastic and this is mirrored by the children when they come home.’


  • ‘As soon as I walk through the gates I feel a very warm and welcoming vibe. There is always a member of staff on the playground for any enquiries.’


  • ‘I think the school is constantly improving and introducing new teaching methods and programmes.’


  • ‘It appears you invest in your children attending the school’.


  • ‘Making parents aware of targets to aid child development – love being involved.’


  • ‘School website containing all relevant information, copies of letters, is extremely useful.’


  • ‘The school supports learning at home including reading, numeracy and topic work.’


  • ‘We feel very confident that our child gets the very best support to be the best that they can be. The progress made in literacy has been outstanding.’


  • ‘I think the workshops I have been to for maths and reading are brilliant, as it helps you help your child at home so you are teaching them the same way. 10/10 for that.’


  • ‘By having the Stay and Play sessions in the mornings in nursery both parent and child feel reassured and encouraged by their surroundings. A lot of involvement both ways.’


  • ‘There is a 3 year gap between my two children, I was always very pleased with the nursery but am amazed at how much is has progressed and continued to improve.’


  • ‘Having a Parent Support Advisor around regularly, including in nursery. Very approachable staff.’