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A day in the life of Bob - Space!

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at the story 'A day in the life of Bob.'



This has inspired us to complete a lot of work on space, astronauts and aliens.

This week we have begun to look at addition.  Mrs Akhtar had great fun dressing us in alien boppers to inspire us to begin to count two sets of objects all together.

We are getting better at forming our numbers to 10 but still need lots of practise at home!!!! laugh


Our interest in the stars led us to learn a little more about how they are made up and when we can see them.  Mrs Harrison then introduced a special HUGE word that we hadn't heard before......'constellations!'

We looked at this word on the board and it really was huge, it had lots of letters!

We then set about creating our own constellations!!

Some of us worked in groups or pairs and others worked individually to create the amazing pictures that you can see below.

We used our bee-bots this week as aliens and programmed them to get to the different planets.  Mrs Harrison was looking for fantastic formation of our numbers.  We are continuing to practise this!

We also began to estimate how many spaces were needed and attempted to use the words more and less as the planets moved positions.

We made moon bands in the creative area using our skills in joining materials together. We are getting much more confident when using different types of tape.  Our bands had buttons that sent us into space and some of us attempted to write some alien words on our bands.

In the writing area this week we sent some alien mail to the aliens using our brand new post box.  Some of us took a little further and wrote invitations for the aliens to come and visit us!!

In our literacy lesson this week we used our growing knowledge of QR codes to help us make a list of items we needed to take to the moon if we ever went on a visit.

After we scanned the QR codes and found the items we attempted to write down all the sounds we could hear.  Our letter formation is really improving!