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Additional Skills

Monday - St David's day

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Kandinsky art lesson

Warm Up - Spring Dance

Warm up our bodies to 'Spring Is Here'.

PE Main Activity: Explore moving, making shapes using different body parts.

Pretend you are in the garden. Move around your room at home. Which different body parts can we move on, feet, toes, hands, bums, backs, sides, demonstrate these together? How can we move using our tummy. Does any animal move by its tummy? We are moving with EXCELLENCE today- pointing our fingers and toes without making a sound. Discuss what a shape is. A still balance. Can you make different still balance shapes using those body parts- star on your tummy, lie on your side point arms and toes, sit on your bottom- tuck feet and hands in straight arms and legs- hold the balance. What other Excellent shapes can you make- discuss and share.

PE: Cool Down 5 Spring Yoga Poses for Kids

Celebrate spring in your home, through imagination and movement .


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