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All Around the World

We started off this week by looking at the story Handa's surprise.  We looked at the book in paper form and also watched a special video on Mrs Harrison's board - see the link below to watch it at home.


We have begun to look at writing and reading sentences lately and this story helped us to start to piece together a sentence made up of words.  We had to remember what had happened in the story and put the words in the correct order to make a sentence.  We used our knowledge of initial sounds at the beginning of words to help us read.  Here are some of the sentences we made!




We then took part in an experiment where we had to become scientists and predict what we thought might happen to some of the exotic fruit that was mentioned in our story.  We learnt about items that might float and sink and now have a basic understanding of why.




We began using our hands as an action to help us to remember what floating and sinking meant.




To finish off our work on this story.  We also made a fruit salad with fruits that we have told our teachers we enjoy and like to eat.

We then worked with Mrs Harrison to Write instructions for making our fruit salad.  Mrs Harrison was particularly pleased with O's writing this week as he tried to use his Fred fingers to spell out, cut and put and had a really good go at sounding out those tricky words like strawberry and banana.





Our role play area continues to develop each week!  Mrs Akthar brought a lovely piece of material in for us and we used it as a Sari to explore ways of dressing in India.



After entering school one morning and finding 2 aprons and two chef hats on the table we developed a keen interest in cooking in our home corner.  Mrs Akthar asked us what we needed and we told her we wanted some recipes cards which then inspired us to begin making lists of ingredients that we may need to make a cake!