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If you need to speak to a member of our safeguarding team during this break please phone our emergency number: 07775 135725

Timetable for classes returning to school 15/06/2020.

Information for Parents


Friday 26th June

In addition to the Reception and Year 1 children already in, this week we welcomed back some of the children from year 2 and Nursery. Children have been offered 2 days face to face learning and will continue with 3 days of home learning. The children have been working in 'bubbles' of up to 10 children and each bubble has assigned adults - in most cases this will include children's usual class teacher. Nursery have bubbles of 8. Although we have tried our very hardest to accommodate all children who want to come back, we do have to stick within government guidelines and our own internal risk assessments. Therefore, for some classes we now have a waiting list. We continue to follow government guidelines at all times, should we feel it is safe to do so we may increase the number of children to a maximum of 15 per bubble which is still within the government advice. We will contact children on the waiting lists first if/when we make the decision to take in more pupils.

Each bubble has designated indoor and outdoor space which will not be used by other children or adults during the days the children are in.  We are able to provide a packed lunch for children or parents can send a packed lunch from home if they prefer to do so which they will eat with their 'bubble mates'. You can also send a piece of fruit for breaktime. 

Each bubble has a different start and finish time - it is important that parents adhere to these times to reduce the amount of people on the school site at any one time.  Only one adult per family is allowed on site at any one time.

Please see the information below for further details about our arrangements and for examples of the classroom layouts.

If you would like your child to return to school, please contact the school office who will give you details about when/if your child can return. Please do not come back to school without confirmation that your child has been given a 'bubble place'.

The school office is not open to visitors - if you have a query please call the school or email us at


Information for Key Worker Parents

[Please note that our key worker provision is currently full to capacity and we cannot accept any more children at this time]

From Monday 15th June there will be a change which involves the widening of our opening arrangements to include some children from year 1 and reception.  From this point there will be a move away from ‘care’ and a return to education.  This will mean that where previously key worker parents could book occasional days for care, the expectation will be that key worker children returning to school will attend every day.  This will allow lessons to resume more formally.  Packed lunches will be provided if required or parents can continue to send a lunch from home.



Home Learning Activities - to be used in the event of self-isolation