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Creative Curriculum


Our Creative Curriculum is based upon the Chris Quigley approach of learning and involves interleaving and spacing of the essential skills required within the curriculum for Geography, History, Art and D&T.  Our schools 'Curriculum drivers' are at the forefront of our curriculum and lead the children's learning within every subject. Our Curriculum drivers are....


Our curriculum is driven by the exploration of possibilities to allow children to dream,

the promotion of growth mindset to encourage children to believe

and the development of resilience which supports children to achieve.



The essential skills are revisited throughout the year, ensuring children have them embedded.


Please check your child's class page for photos and examples of the children's work for each half term. These are updated regularly.


Year 2 Chris Quigley themes:                                        Year 1 Chris Quigley themes:

Australian Adventures (Geography)                               Amazing places and spaces. UK. (Geography)

Great and Ghastly Events (History)                               Cracking ideas (History)

Post a Pringle (D& T)                                                     Lift the Teacher (D&T)




The key Historical Essential skills are:

  • Investigate and interpret the past 
  • Build an overview of world history 
  • Understand chronology 
  • Communicate historically


The key Geographical Essential skills are:

  • Investigate places
  • Investigate patterns
  • Communicate geographically



Within EYFS, the curriculum is carefully planned thematically based on Development Matters with a focus on key skills throughout every area. Through carefully planned and resourced child initiated activities as well as focus teaching time, skills are developed and revisited regularly throughout the half term in a variety of ways.





Nursery topics are;                                                        Reception topics are;

Autumn Term 1. My World                                            Autumn Term 1. Me, Myself and I.

Autumn Term 2. Elephant Parade.                                 Autumn Term 2. Around the world.

Spring Term 1. Tell me a story.                                     Spring Term 1. In a galaxy far, far away....

Spring Term 2. We're going on a journey.                     Spring Term 2. Bog baby.

Summer Term 1. Let's find out.                                    Summer Term 1 & 2. We could be heroes.

Summer Term 2. Undersea Explorers.


Our focused curriculum and ethos within the school ensures children are given the cultural capital skills and knowledge required for them to further achieve later in life and we immerse the children with a wide range of possibilities.