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This week we have been looking at the story Elmer.


Elmer has taught us an important lesson this week; Its ok to be different, just be confident!!  smiley

Grown ups ask us what the word confident means, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Akthar have been teaching us about the meaning if this word all week!


At the beginning of the week Elmer wrote us a letter asking us to redesign his patchwork for him.




We happily decorated our Elmer in the brightest possible colours, working as a team and sharing our resources.


We then wrote back to him!  Panthers and Tigers told him how great he looked using some of their new power words.

Reading the Elmer book has also inspired us to think about colour patterns.

We worked with Mrs Harrison to create a colour pattern to represent Elmer's feet.  Some of us used two colours and some of us used three!

During choosing time we also used the magnetic blocks to create a pattern on the whiteboards.

We have been looking at patterns every day since the start of school in our 15 minute maths sessions, ask us to create you a pattern with pictures, movements or colours to see how clever we are!


To finish off our week on Elmer we played a number game that encouraged us to use a dice and match numbers to the correct amounts.  We think Mrs Akhtar had just as much fun as us!