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Facts about Walsall

The town of Walsall has lots of physical and human features.


This is a statue of Sister Dora. This is in the centre of Walsall town centre. It helps us to remember about Sister Dora and all of the work she did.







In Walsall there is an arboretum. It has a lake in the centre of it and lots of trees and grass land surrounding it.


Many people go to relax, walk their dog and fish.


There is also a new play area that has been built which sprays water. Remember to take your swimming costume! laugh







Walsall also has a leather museum because in the past, Walsall was famous for making leather saddles for horses. Walsall also makes leather hand bags for the queen! You can visit the leather museum and make lots of different items using the leather tools. 

The art gallery was opened in 2000 and is free to enter. There are lots of pieces of art work to look at and explore. It can be found in Walsall town centre by the wharf.

This is Rushall lime pits. It is a local nature reserve where people can go fishing or go for a gentle walk. There are lots of wildflowers (over 300 different species) and lots of wild life that live in this quiet area of Walsall.





Sutton park is another local nature reserve in Walsall. The park is a natural area where wild animals can roam free. There are streams, lakes, woods and grass land areas to enjoy at this local beauty site.