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Our topic in Autumn 2 is Fire!




In Autumn 2, we learnt about Bonfire Night and the History of the Gunpowder Plot.




We had a Bonfire Extravaganza outside collecting twigs to build a bonfire, sang a Firework song, made movements like fireworks and waved our chocolate sparkler!

After, we created a bonfire picture using the materials we had found from outside with flames from tissue paper.


Click on Guy Fawkes to play a game


We used the iPads to create firework pictures.

Check out the photos below!!


We are going to be learning about fire safety.



Click on Sparky the dog to learn

about fire safety and play games!


We are going to be finding out about the Great Fire of London.



Do you know...
When it started?
How did it begin?
Why it spread so quickly?