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Funny bones

This week lot of our learning was based around the book 'funny bones.'  We spent the week doing lots of interesting activities in Literacy, Mathematics and Understanding the World.


Firstly we continued our journey of re-telling a story by looking at a story map of Funny bones.  As a whole class we added different elements to the story each day such as speech bubbles and labels.  We built on what we learnt last week about characters and some of us even labelled the characters using our Fred fingers to spell the words 'big' and 'dog.'

In maths we have started to look at graphs.  We are beginning to see different types of graphs on our 15 minute maths board and Mrs Harrison taught us how to use a pictograph today (we really enjoyed saying that new word)! 

Firstly we went around the classroom and asked our friends what colour their eyes were then we used the boxes on the graph to put a cross.  We counted up our crosses and tried to use the words more, most, less and least in the right context.  Mrs Harrison said we were fantastic at collected information and we found that more people have brown eyes in Red 1!



We have also been learning about light and dark this week!  We talked about when it was dark and when it was light and found that it wasn't just dark at night time.  We realised that it gets dark if your in a cave or if you drive through a tunnel. 

Mrs Harrison helped us to test out some materials to further explore what can block the light and what can let light through.  We loved experimenting with the torches!!