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Home Challenges

  Home Challenges for Year 2

Homework tasks for our Creative Curriculum topics will be posted here...




Autumn 1 Healthy heroes
Please design a healthy lunchbox and think about what foods you need to put in to make it a balanced diet. Two of the best ones from each class will receive a prize on our dress up day on Thursday 18th October. Don't forget to dress up as a Healthy Hero on this day too!

Autumn 2 Fire
Please go on the links on the Class page about the Great Fire of London. There is a brilliant website we have looked at in school and a game too. Can you find out the answers to these questions?
When and where did the fire start?
Why did the fire spread so quickly? 
Who wrote the diary all about the fire? What did he bury in his garden? 
How long did the fire go on for?
How did it stop?
What damage had been done to London?

Spring 1 Time Lords
Please bring in any old or small scraps of material from home as we will be soon be making our own Victorian rag rugs!

Spring 2 A Bug's Life
Please research about a bug of your choice to bring to school! 
Can you find 10 fascinating facts about your bug?
If you are in Mrs Reilly's or Miss Carter's Literacy groups please find lots of information out about the bug and set it out like we have been doing at school with headings for food, appearance, habitat etc.

Summer 1 A Wonderful World
Research facts about the different countries we are going to be looking at this term
United Kingdom
These facts will be put into your topic book at school!!