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Me, Myself and I


We read the story 'Elmer' and completed a range of activities: 

  • We discussed how Elmer felt being so colourful when all the other elephants were grey and how he felt at the end of the story when all the other elephants became bright and patterned.  
  • We used Elmer masks in our small world to recreate the story.
  • We discovered which shapes fit together in tessellation.
  • We worked in a team to collage a super large Elmer!

Independent Activities

During our first few weeks of Reception we enjoyed exploring all the resources in the classroom.

We read stories to our friends, discovered games on the computers, cooked, cleaned and looked after the babies in the home corner and built tall towers with the construction blocks. 

Learning in the Outdoor Environment

We have many large scale activities in the outdoor environment. 

We have messy, gooey materials to explore, extra large building blocks to construct fabulous houses, colourful paints to decorate the paint screen or paper and the water tray filled with different sized containers or tubes to watch the water flow. 


Kandinsky is an abstract Russian artist who uses mostly circles and lines to create his master pieces.  After lots of research into his work we created our own Kandinsky artwork in small groups.