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Owl babies

Me, Myself and I

Over the last few weeks we have looked at the book Owl babies.

With our teachers and friends we wrote a letter to Bill the baby owl telling him not to worry.  Some of us used our Fred fingers to write the word Bill and lots of us heard the initial sounds in the words we wanted to write! 

We hope he writes back soon!

We worked together to build a house for bill and Mrs Akhtar suggested we write a sign so that everyone knew it was for him!

We have also been learning how to re tell a story by ordering pictures and today we learnt some new power words to use in our story re tell.  We found that Billl and his brother and sister were scared, terrified, worried and excited all in one story!  Mrs Harrison wants us to continue to practise using these words in our everyday conversations frown


This is our magnificent owl that we all helped to create, we all thought that bill felt sad and we used our Fred fingers to sound out s-a-d!  Look at our wonderful writing!!!!!

In mathematics we have been learning how to match number to quantity.  Some of us are working with numbers to 5, some with numbers to 10 and some of us are using numbers to 20!  Mrs Harrison has been showing us how to line up our objects so that we can check our work by counting them with our magic finger!

We have also been looking at how Owls make their homes.  In our story Bill, Percy, Sarah and their Mum live in a hole in the tree that is covered with twigs, leaves and feathers.  During the week we went on a walk around school to find some of these objects.  We then went to the creative room and used a range of tools to create our own owl house using the resources we had found outside!