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Shapes, Shapes and more Shapes!

This half term we have been looking at both 2D and 3d shapes.

Mrs Harrison has taught us that 2D shapes are flat and 3d shapes are fat!


We started by making buildings with different shaped bricks.  Our teachers wanted us to talk about the shapes we were using and discuss why we couldn't put a circle on top of a triangle.  Read some of our comments below to see some of the super shape words we used!

"It was like a hotel.  Its got a point like a chimney but you cant put the cylinder on because it falls off.  The cylinder rolls because it has a circle on it."  Owen


"The pointy thing makes it roll so it cant balance." Lewis


"That bit at the top (of the square) is flat so you can build things on top but if its pointy like that (holds up a cone) then it wont balance." Ami-Lee

Then we went into even more detail with 3D shapes and made a pom-pom that we found looked a lot like a sphere!! We worked really hard to wind our wool around the 2d circles, it took us a long time but we also learnt a new word....perseverance!  A lot of us persevered with the task and look what we created! 


We found the word sphere really tricky to remember so please help us at home by using that word a lot and pointing out lots of spheres in and around the house.

Our next 3D shape we have looked at is a cone!  We worked in groups to cut out our 'flat' circle and then Mrs Harrison helped us to change it into a 'fat' cone!!

We then set about decorating a whole class cone and printing with ice-cream cones.

A sparklebox resource - 2d and 3d shape mat to support you to help your child learn the correct shape names