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The Aliens have landed!!

On Monday this week aliens landed at Delves!!!

To our surprise we came into school and found some green mess on the floor!!!!



We were all really disgusted!!!!!  Most of us thought it was from aliens!




"The alien has been sick!"       "He feel out his UFO and splatted on the ground!"


"An alien got squashed and his eyes fell out!"       "I can see his eye, the white bit is his eye!"


Mrs Harrison decided to be really brave and pick up the gloop (although she had to wear gloves)! 






We shared it between two bowls to further investigate.......




We then set to work describing the alien slime using lots of descriptive words....


"It looks like slugs!"                           "It's slimy"            "It feels like ice cream!"            "It's so cold!"


"It's a little bit stinky!"                   "It's gloopy and yucky!"                "Urgghhh Sticky!"

There was still lots of mess on the floor so we created a barrier with our construction bricks to stop people walking in it!  Charlotte made a sign for us!





'Don't tread in the sick!'