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Talking to to your child about......

How to talk to children about difficult topics

Feeling confused or anxious shouldn't stop you from having tricky conversations. It’s what your child needs you to do.

We all want children to grow up in a safe, loving environment and become happy, confident adults.

It's important that every child has someone they trust that they can ask for help. You might need to start a difficult conversation because you have to:

* break some bad news

* ask about something you're worried about

* ask about topics you find uncomfortable - like sex or drugs

* ask your child if they're worried or scared by something

* ask your child about a new behaviour.


You might not know how to talk to children about difficult topics.

But whatever the subject, and however old the child you're talking to, you can make it easier for you both.

We have advice to help you decide how to talk to your child in an age-appropriate and supportive way. But you know your child best, so trust your judgement about what’s going to work for them.