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Year 1

Welcome to Yellows!


Yellow 1

Miss Ward, Mrs Edwards and Miss Cheema


Yellow 2

Miss Eaton and Mrs Collins


Yellow 3

Miss Heritage and Mrs Patel



  • PE for Yellow classes are on a Monday so please make sure your child has a PE kit in school and remove earrings on the morning before.
  • Our reading folders should come to school every day. Home reading books are changed on a Monday for all children in Year 1.
  • Spellings are given out in groups and these are given on a Friday, there will be a weekly spelling test every Thursday so please ensure your child has their spelling book in school.
  • Homework activities are sent out at the start of each half term in a homework log. The logs will contain a list of suggested homework activities to complete over the half term. These will cover literacy, numeracy and topic areas.
  • Children should be aiming to read as much as possible at home in a range of ways such as home readers, library books, bug club or sharing stories from your local library.
  • Library books are changed on:
  • Yellow 1 - Tuesday
  • Yellow 2 - Wednesday
  • Yellow 3 - Thursday
  • (we need to have our library books in our library bags on this day).


Our topic for Autumn 1 is:

Teddy and Me


In this topic we will be having lots of fun!

In Science we will be learning about ourselves.  We will look at photo's of when we were babies and discuss how we have changed over time.  We will look at common features and compare similarities and differences.  We will collect data e.g. hand and foot size and begin to understand each of our senses.  

In History we will be exploring amazing inventors and inventions.  We will be researching the following inspirational inventors: Leonardo Da Vinci, Alexander Graham Bell, Joseph Swan, Wilbur and Orville Wright, Heath Robinson, John Logie Bard, Tim Berners Lee and Wallace and Gromit! We will invent and create our own invention. (continues throughout the year)   

In Geography we will be investigating amazing places in the UK and looking at extreme weather.  We will be exploring the following areas: our local community, Seilebost beach (Scotland), Ben Nevis (Scotland), Belfast (Ireland), Giants Causeway (Ireland), London, Tower bridge, Stone Henge, Portmeirion Village (Wales) and take a quick visit to see Australia.  We will be designing a travel brochure of our journey.  

In Design Technology we will be looking at sliders.  We will learn about what a slider is, when they are used and how we can make one.  After making our product we will test it and evaluate our findings thinking about what went well and what we would change next time. (continues throughout the year)

In music we will be listening to different styles of 'hip hop'.  We will play tuned and untuned instruments.  We will use our voices expressively and creatively by speaking chants and rhymes.  We will create our own rap to perform to each other.

In P.E we will be investigating different ways of travelling.  We will learn the skills of throwing and catching a ball with control and accuracy.  We will master movements such as: running and jumping.

In computing we will be understanding e-safety.  We will use and de-bug algorithms.  We will create a pictogram from a traffic survey.  

We will begin our exciting Forest School sessions with our Forest Ranger Miss Jackson.  We will be discussing how to stay safe in the outdoors.  We will explore the forest school areas and use natural resources to build a den for our teddy bears. 

The children's Forest School sessions are:

Yellow 1 - Wednesday 11th September 2019 pm

                 Wednesday 18th September 2019 pm

Yellow 2 - Wednesday 9th October 2019 pm

                 Wednesday 16th October 2019 pm

Yellow 3 - Wednesday 25th September 2019 pm

                 Wednesday 2nd October 2019 pm

We will introduce 'Commando Joes' where the children will be character explorers and understand RESPECT - Resilience, Empathy, Self awareness, Passion, Excellence, Communication and Teamwork.   

Important dates for your diary:

Monday 2nd September 2019 - Training day

Tuesday 3rd September 2019 - Children start school

Friday 6th September 2019 - Year 1 Induction Meeting - 9:00 in the hall

                                               Teddy Wow day - children are invited to bring in their teddy - letter to follow

Friday 25th October 2019 - Autumn 1 ends  


Take a look at some of our authors of the term...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Download the Phonic Screening Check App from the App store to help your child with their phonics.

Download the Phonic Screening Check App from the App store to help your child with their phonics. 1