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Home Learning

 Welcome to our Home Learning Zone                                                                                                                      

Here you will be equipped with lots of useful resources, activities and links to continue your learning journey at home.


Home Reading    


Creating opportunities to read at home is very important - remember reading makes you brainy!

Therefore we send home reading activities each week including;


  • Phonetically decodeable home reading books. Read these to a grown up and ask them to write about your reading in your reading diary to receive rewards. The reading diary also gives your grown ups helpful hints of how they can support you. 
  • Library books to develop reading for pleasure and a love of reading. 
  • Bug Club e-books to allow you to read books that suit your reading ability and answer comprehension questions to receive points. 
  • Phonics homework to support you when you have learnt a new sound. 

Spelling Quiz                                                           

In KS1 you are given a blue spelling log book. 

New spellings to practise will be given every Friday. You can practise using the Look. Cover. Write. Check method inside this book. Once you have done this you can continue to practise using different methods, for example using colourful pens on your own notepad, use chalk to write words on the pavement, write the words in sand etc. The more practise you have the more likely you will remember how to spell each word.

It will also provide a good opportunity for you to practise your handwriting skills.


Every Friday you will spell these words during a fun spelling quiz. The quiz will be at the back of your spelling log book for your parents to see your progress. Every time you get all of your spellings correct you will receive a spelling sticker to put onto your book. See how many you can collect! 


Happy spelling!


Useful Websites


Below we have provided links to useful websites that we recommend for you to use at home.  Remember to follow our e-safety guidelines if you are using the internet independently and ask a grown up if you need help.