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Author boxes

The Little Leaders shared the children's voice about the school's Author Boxes.  Here are the questions they were asked and their responses:


1, Has your teacher told you about the author boxes?

All children were told about the author boxes.

2, Does your class share a book from the author box each week?

All children share books from the author box each week.

3, Have the author boxes helped you learn about new authors?

All children felt the author boxes helped them learn more about new authors.

4, Do you enjoy listening to the author box books? Why?

All children enjoy listening to the author boxes.

"...because I enjoy new stories"

"...because I like different stories"

"...because some are funny"

"we like to learn new things"

5, Would anything make the author boxes better?

"We could have props to look at"

"I'd like to read more books by Mini Grey and swap them round"

"More funny books and more music books"

"More books and be able to read them everyday"

"Asking the author to come in, meet an author at a library or see a video about an author"