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Road Safety

The Little Leaders led an activity around road safety.  They led a class discussion to find out what their class knew about staying safe near the roads and decided on an activity to help learn about road safety.  Once the class had completed their activity, they reflected on their discussion to see if they had learned any new information.


Here is what the children across Key Stage 1 knew about road safety:

"red = stop and green = go"

"wait for cars to pass"

"wait until it is safe"

"when it is dark you need a good light"

"hold mum's hand"

"cars have lights to see cyclists"

"a light stops and people cross"

"listen for cars"

"cars can hurt us a lot"

"zebra crossings"

"look both ways"

"when cars are driving you should go on the footpath"

Here is what the children learned after their activity:    

"stop, look and listen"

"cross at zebra crossings or traffic lights"

"wait for the green man"

"walk across a road and always look where you are going"

"wait for cars to pass"

"look for bikes and cars"

"hold hands"

"watch your toes at the edge of the road" 

"look both ways"

"adults go by the roadside"

"stay on the pavement"

"look left and right before crossing"